Where are we now in terms of decarbonising existing infrastructure in the North Sea and across the supply chain? And where are we now in terms of how transition technologies are penetrating the energy mix and reshaping the future of the region?

FNS offers a powerful platform for the companies and people drawing the roadmap for the future of the North Sea to answer these big questions whilst showcasing their expertise and services. 

The conference spans two plenary sessions, each with a different focus, with a technical workshop for a select group rounding off the event.

The session panels will feature speakers from our partners presenting to a large audience before debating the key themes under consideration with our expert moderators.

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When Thursday, 29th February, 2023
Where The P&J Live, Aberdeen

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Opening remarks

Comment from our Energy Voice host and title sponsor.

Session 1 - Decarbonising existing infrastructure

Oil and gas will continue to play a key part in the energy mix for years to come, with the recent approval of Rosebank a sign of the North Sea's continued relevance as a producer. But to ensure longevity and sustainability, offshore projects must become examples of best practices in terms of lower emissions and the decarbonisation of their operations. 

This session will look at where quick gains can be made and what steps are required to advance decarbonisation across existing infrastructure. Case studies of success stories will be welcomed in the session to showcase the North Sea as an example of low-emission hydrocarbon production to the rest of the world. This session will also look at the future of existing infrastructure, with a focus on decommissioning and P&A activity in the basin.

Networking and Expo area open to delegates

Session 2 - Transition Tech

With the focus of session 1 on decarbonising existing infrastructure, the second panel will focus on the innovative products and services coming through that are shaping low-carbon energy projects in the North Sea.

Technologies such as CCUS and geothermal will be high on the agenda, as our speakers look to answer the question of where we are now in terms of development and offer foresight on how the North Sea sector will evolve in the coming years. 

Geothermal workshop

Geothermal power has been identified as a low-hanging fruit in the journey towards a decarbonised energy system. But how easy is it to harness and rapidly ramp up to scale? And what is the potential for the technology's deployment in the North Sea region, Scotland and the wider UK market?

This special and exclusive technical workshop will be led by our expert partners and look to answer those questions plus many more. By invite only, attendees will have expertise or interest in geothermal and create a thriving environment for discussion and problem solving with a view to grasping the opportunities presented by this emerging technology.


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Andrew Dodds, Integrity Services Manager, Stork (A Fluor Company)