I’m delighted to introduce the Internal Communications issue of our award-winning marketing communications publication – Five.

Since our last issue FIVE has emerged victorious at both the Hermes Creative Awards and the Business Marketing Association’s B2 Awards and great credit must go to our contributors and clients, whose requests for information guide the content of our magazine.

But enough of the thanks and backslapping for now – and onto the most recent issue of Five, in which my colleagues discuss a hot topic within the marketing communications industry – internal communications.

A critical – but sadly often ignored part of a successful marketing strategy – involves the way an organisation communicates with its own people, who ultimately form the backbone of the business. Rarely when people consider marketing does internal messaging enter the thought process, yet the inner workings of the company are the foundations upon which an external campaign can be launched.

The perceived value of engaging with the workforce has increased in recent years and within this issue my colleagues will explore the rationale and benefits for investing in your internal communications.

We’ve integrated input from a variety of disciplines, casting the net wide to bring you a valuable insight into the requirements of a successful employee engagement campaign.

As always, we hope you find the content beneficial to your efforts, and we welcome your feedback. 

(Introduction by Alan Majury - PR Account Manager, Fifth Ring)